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About PET / CT inspection

PET inspection is a “positron emission tomography inspection”. This is a test method in which a medicine that emits positron into the body is injected from the vein of the arm and the state of the medicine gathering on the body part is photographed with a special camera. We perform CT examination with the same posture. PET and CT are usually taken from around the ear to the base of the foot. In PET / CT system, these two images are created almost simultaneously and are superposed to obtain an image with higher diagnostic value.

Fastest slimming beauty machine, HIFU

More than 10 times the power of cavitation ! ” HIFU ” is an abbreviation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, it has been commonly called ” hyphen ” .It is slimming cosmetic machine to be irradiated to one point collecting ultrasound.

Endermologie , treatment machine for cellulite

The cellulite , as slimming beauty machine intensively guide the size down of cellulite and fat , we can recommend famous treatment Endermologie. Endermologie is not only tighten the body , to you well also circulation of lymph flow and blood , is also effective in swelling and poor circulation.