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7th heaven

We are a booking platform where you can find wellness,medical check, spas, beauty in Japan. We wish you have bliss on your trip.
Medical check, Wellness, Spa treatment, beauty salons/ in Japan

About us

7th heaven

屋号 Business name : 7th heaven by Beauty &W

設立 Founded : July 2017 / 2017年7月

住所: 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-21-2 3F Beauty&W

お問い合わせフォームよりご連絡ください。contact form https://spa-beaute.com/contact-us/
営業時間 Open hours:10:00~17:00 土日祝日休み

Our Service :

Wellness&Beauty booking platform ``7th heaven``
Private concierge
All operations related to the above

Business Hour : 10:00 ~ 17:00 (GMT +9)

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About reservation

On 7th heaven, Here you can search Wellness & Beauty plans. You can make reservations several months in advance or on the day. Paypal and credit card prepaid. If you complete your booking via 7th Heaven, you can also choose to pay the same day. You can use it without any worries. Please feel free to contact us.

Paid Listings 掲載希望のお問合せ

掲載に関するお問合せは、電子メールにて受付しております。Inquiries for publication are accepted by e-mail.

Promoted Listings 広告掲載

広告掲載のお問合せは、電子メールにて受付しております。Inquiries about advertisements are accepted by e-mail.

執筆・ボランティア募集 Writing / Volunteer Recruitment

あなたの執筆・ボランティアを随時募集しています。インバウンドビジネスにご関心をお持ちの方は、お気軽にお問い合わせください。We are looking for your writing and volunteers. If you are interested in inbound business, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you

People who prefer spas, beauty and wellness from around the world look for and book a personal stay plan on 7 th heaven.
I was able to spend a very relaxed time in my first stay in Japan. Thank you very much.


Not only for sightseeing, they can be advised of the spa and massage recommendations that locals use on a daily basis. You can make a request according to your own preferences, so it can also be recommended to foreigners who are not used to staying in Japan.


Fund Manager
On this site, the Concierge presents you with a few recommendations, so you can arrange your favorite plan quickly and have a booking. You will be clearly informed of the charges first. Since I am busy everyday, I was able to be meaningfully prepared without wasting days searching for and finding holidays and weekend. It was very helpful. Thank you very much.