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The appeal of Japanese medical tourism compared to overseas

In Japan, access to homogeneous and high-quality medical services based on the universal health insurance system, and the implementation of advanced maternal and child health symbolized by a maternal and child handbook, the lowest in Japan's infant mortality rate, average life expectancy Is the highest in the world. Japan's health care service system is highly regarded internationally.

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About Medical tourism in Japan

In Japan, the initiative of Medical tourism has just begun, starting with the 2009 new national growth strategy. Medical tourism means "traveling abroad for medical purposes". Traveling to receive medical treatment has existed since ancient times in Japan, such as Toji(Long stay treatment by Hot spring).Currently, the purpose of medical tourism is roughly divided into three categories. The difference depends on how much emphasis is placed on the elements of "medicine" and "tourism".

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History of Beauty

The oldest discription about beauty which is conciderd the first history of aesthetic. In thousands of years before the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean countries BC, beauty treatment has been carried out.The look at the history of esthetic thus,Beyond the era and border, women of feelings who want there beauty forever ‘s a universal things.

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