Spa design ( Color effect )

Spa design ( Color effect )

When considering spa design, one of the most important points is the color of the beauty of the interior.
According to the beauty and “color” in the design of interiors and amenities, beauty and psychological effects can be obtained.

For example, linen and towels are used by your favorite salon and spa.
It is used to provide services for treatment but is also used to create a relaxed atmosphere like an interior.
When we are receiving treatment, it may not be very conscious.
When the space, the linen that touches the skin is effective color, and the effect is calm, you can feel relaxation with beauty and mind.

This time, I examined a little about beauty and psychological effect about the color used in the beauty salon and spa.

1.White : Feel a wide space,The effects to ease breathing,Effect to clean

2.Chocolat,Brown : It symbolizes the Mother Earth to nurture life.Obtained a sense of stability

3.Red : Become healthy and positive

4.Pink : It encourages the secretion of female hormone.It can become a warm feeling
5.Green : Relax a calming effect

6.Blue : Relax a calming effect.The effect of reducing the appetite

7.Black : It matches any color

8.Purple : To increase the sensitivity , and serves to enrich the emotional

9.Orange : I feel the joy and happiness

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