Hagoita 【Japanese traditional culture, traditional craft, New Year】

Hagoita 【Japanese traditional culture, traditional craft, New Year】

◆◇ What’s Hagoita? ◇◆

Hagoita is tool used in the girl’s game, and also decoration in New Year’s Day in Japanese Home. Also Hanetsuki , that the name of the tool to be used in one of the traditional game with Hagoita that has been made for the girl’s Game in the Japanese New Year.
Hagoita for decoration figure and flowers and birds are created in the luxurious tell of cloth.

◆◇ How To Play HAGOITA ◇◆

The play is similar to tennis or badminton.It is a game by wooden batton and ball with wings.
When you hit it there become dropped gone, it is miss. You will be given the punishment to put the ink on your face.

◆◇ History of HAGOITA ◇◆

In the Nara period , against Kemari as a ritual of boys , the girls there was a play that Kasatsue.
The Muromachi era , Kasatsue change in Hagoita.It has been put wishes of good health to the girls.
In Sengoku era , the festival is went tinged with shades of as ornaments strongly become a lucky charm to age.
In the Edo period , It became to samurai gift of celebrating the birth of girls.
This also is transmitted also to the common people , it came to be presented at the end of the year as a year-end gift of good luck to families with girls.This has become a derived Hanetsuki is carried out in the New Year.
In modern time, Former ritualistic element is lost , but it is specified in the Tokyo of traditional crafts.

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