Obon (Bon festival) [Japanese Summer events]

Obon (Bon festival) [Japanese Summer events]

” Obon (or Bon festival) ” is something unique to Japan , refers to the generally worship the spirits of ancestors and deceased people event. The Bon Festival , that events which enshrine the spirits of Japanese ancestry to be carried out in the summer. Japan ancient ancestor faith and is the event that Buddhism is fused.

◆Obon vacation◆
In many Japanese companies , it has been the Obon period and summer vacation.
This is , Edo Period to Lunar New Year ( January 15 ) and the merchant two of the timing of the Bon Festival ( July 15) is a ” bush -filled ” , those were the days off to go home to the magistrate who , what has been established as Bon holiday.

◆Obon period◆
Obon of events is generally performed by the time around August 15 or July 15.

◆ It is carried out in a Obon ◆
August 13, backfire ( greet your ancestors in the house )
August 16, ceremonial bonfire ( send your ancestors )

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