How to enjoy a Japanese hot spring. 5 rules and manners (Japanese ONSEN)

The blissful moment of soaking in hot water or enjoying the open-air scenery is familiar to Japanese people.It is also very popular with foreign tourists. However, there are manners to enter the hot spring. Do you know? “HOT SPRING 5 RULES FOR JAPANESE ONSEN” (5 rules of hot springs)日本人熟悉浸泡在热水中或欣赏露天风景的幸福时刻。在外国游客中也很受欢迎。但是,有进入温泉的方式。 你知道吗 北海道札幌市JR札幌日航酒店发布了“温泉日本温泉5条规则”(温泉5条规则)