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How to enjoy a Japanese hot spring. 5 rules and manners (Japanese ONSEN)

The blissful moment of soaking in hot water or enjoying the open-air scenery is familiar to Japanese people.It is also very popular with foreign tourists. However, there are manners to enter the hot spring. Do you know? “HOT SPRING 5 RULES FOR JAPANESE ONSEN” (5 rules of hot springs)日本人熟悉浸泡在热水中或欣赏露天风景的幸福时刻。在外国游客中也很受欢迎。但是,有进入温泉的方式。 你知道吗 北海道札幌市JR札幌日航酒店发布了“温泉日本温泉5条规则”(温泉5条规则)

About PET / CT inspection

PET inspection is a “positron emission tomography inspection”. This is a test method in which a medicine that emits positron into the body is injected from the vein of the arm and the state of the medicine gathering on the body part is photographed with a special camera. We perform CT examination with the same posture. PET and CT are usually taken from around the ear to the base of the foot. In PET / CT system, these two images are created almost simultaneously and are superposed to obtain an image with higher diagnostic value.


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Survival rates for cancer patients in Japan [data]

Survival rates for cancer patients in Japan are still at the top level worldwide.Japan has the world’s top 5-year survival rate for lung and esophageal cancer (2018).An international comparative study of 5-year cancer survival in 71 countries and regions around the world. The results are published in the English medical journal Lancet.日本癌症患者的生存率仍处于世界顶级水平。日本是肺癌和食道癌的全球最高5年生存率(2018年)。对全球71个国家和地区的5年癌症生存率的国际比较研究。结果发表在英文医学杂志《柳叶刀》上。

The appeal of Japanese medical tourism compared to overseas

In Japan, access to homogeneous and high-quality medical services based on the universal health insurance system, and the implementation of advanced maternal and child health symbolized by a maternal and child handbook, the lowest in Japan’s infant mortality rate, average life expectancy Is the highest in the world.
Japan’s health care service system is highly regarded internationally.

About Medical tourism in Japan

In Japan, the initiative of Medical tourism has just begun, starting with the 2009 new national growth strategy.

Medical tourism means “traveling abroad for medical purposes”.
Traveling to receive medical treatment has existed since ancient times in Japan, such as Toji(Long stay treatment by Hot spring).Currently, the purpose of medical tourism is roughly divided into three categories.
The difference depends on how much emphasis is placed on the elements of “medicine” and “tourism”.

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