Sanzen In in Kyoto (Sakura famous place)

Sanzen In in Kyoto (Sakura famous place)

Temple in Kyoto city

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◇◆ The shrines and temples that edge to the imperial family ◆◇

In the 5 shrines and temples with regard to the imperial family , travel plan to taste slowly cherry on a tour participants limited , such as outside the normal admission time early in the morning or at night. It was released from a major travel company.

○March 26 ( Sat) – April 17, 23 days ( sun )
※5 is one place plan that you choose from the shrines and temples

Sanzen In
Monzeki temple. The land of Ohara was piled up history as root dojo of ” statement ” which is said to headwaters of the traditional music of Japan.
It is a temple of Tendai sect. It is counted as one of the three temples of temples of Tendai sect, along with the Shorin Buddhist monastery, which is one of the three temples of Tendai Shrine.