About Medical tourism in Japan

About Medical tourism in Japan

In Japan, the initiative of Medical tourism has just begun, starting with the 2009 new national growth strategy.

Medical tourism means “traveling abroad for medical purposes”.
Traveling to receive medical treatment has existed since ancient times in Japan, such as Toji(Long stay treatment by Hot spring).

Currently, the purpose of medical tourism is roughly divided into three categories.
The difference depends on how much emphasis is placed on the elements of “medicine” and “tourism”.


1. The purpose of “treatment”

The first is that the specific purpose of treatment is higher than that of tourism.
Specifically, advanced medical care such as cancer treatment, heart disease surgery, and organ transplantation can be given.


2. The purpose of “examination”
The second is aimed at “examination”, and the specific gravity of medical care and tourism is about the same.
Specifically, the new facility will receive a medical checkup and PET screening. Before and after that, it is common for customers to visit the historic sites, eat local cuisine, shop, and return home.


3. To improve beauty and wellness
The third is aimed at “beauty and wellness promotion”, which is more important for tourism than for medical treatment.
Specifically, it is a travel plan that uses local resources such as hot springs, beauty and spa, cosmetic surgery, forest therapy, marine therapy, rehabilitation, and local ingredients to go to resorts.


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