History of Beauty

History of Beauty

The history of Esthetic(Beauty) that era is also loved by even beyond national borders.

◆◇ The history of “Esthetic (Beauty)” ◇◆

◆◇ Egypt ◇◆

The oldest discription about beauty which is conciderd the first history of aesthetic.
In thousands of years before the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean countries BC, beauty treatment has been carried out.

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra had been allowed to serve massage are also referred to as prototype of Beauty. It seems to have been decorated and hair and nail to other beauty.
She could use to bathing and perfume prefer the scent of roses, to be used or the gold leaf to beauty, has handed down anecdotes about the many beauty.

◆◇ Europe ◇◆

And so-called dominant theory called the origin of the current “Esthetic”, the 18th-century Europe, the birthplace is France.
Queen Marie Antoinette who is famous, but it dates back to the era of European aristocracy prime.
Women of nobility they are entered the milk bath, they use the scent and plants of the oil plant, it was also present cosmetics.
And all of the care is, instead of doing so on their own, and had been serving care by therapist people.
At the time, “beauty” for women of French aristocracy is a day-to-day research challenges, also seems was also a practical challenge.

◆◇ China ◇◆

In China, there is a “Chinese medicine” in a kind of oriental medicine that has been studied from several thousand years ago development BC.
Its presence oldest Chinese medicine that has been confirmed scientifically Dynasty, it recorded in medical theory of 3700 years ago quotient (Yin) has appeared.
Old Qin Shi Huang, poppy, such as Empress Dowager Cixi, many historical figures of Chinese was using the “Chinese medicine” and beauty, to anti-aging health.

◆◇ India ◇◆

In India continent, there is a traditional medicine “Ayurveda” from about 5000 years ago.
Its name is a compound word of Sanskrit of “Ayusu (ayus animation, life)” and “Veda (veda knowledge, academic)”.
Not only medicine that is referred to in the modern Western, wisdom of life, life science, and also includes the concept of philosophy.

◆◇ Herb ◇◆

It have been handed down as a natural therapy in the world, “Herb (Herb therapy)” is also one of the part that leads to beauty history.
Both beginning about 60,000 years from now before the “herb” gratuitous, accidentally primitive man is in mountain, they could turn off the smell of meat, it seems to meat was to found a delicious made grass.
BC 2,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, India (Ayurveda), of 100 years ago BC Rome, medieval Europe.
And Americas transmitted from European, African, and went been handed down in Australia, and around the world.
Previously mentioned “Chinese medicine” is what has evolved from herbal therapy.

◆◇ Kanpo (Japanese) ◇◆

By the way referred to in Japan “Kampo” Chinese “Kan” of the era (200 BC to 200 BC) to those with Buddhism transmitted Chinese medicine in Japan was originally developed in Japan.
In the Edo period it came to called “Chinese medicine”, and whereas they called a new legacy was Western medicine from the Netherlands at the time as “Ranpo”, it became a conventional medicine so called “Chinese medicine” .
“Chinese medicine” and “Ranpo” is likely thing ersatz.

It was leap in beauty of the history of the world, but let’s return the story in the history of “esthetic”.

◆◇ The histry of “Esthetic” ◇◆

◆◇ Poland ◇◆

helena rubinstein’s new york salon 1938(mashable.com)

Helena Rubinstein, born in Poland in 1872, founded the world’s first esthetic salon.
She started to engage in First cosmetics business in Australia.
In 1902, she founded the world’s first beauty salon in Melbourne, Australia.
Then, In London, to increase the stores in New York and branches, and it is said to have created an opportunity to lead to the current Beauty (esthetic) salon boom.

◆◇ Japan ◇◆

First “Esthetic salon” in Japan it has been said that the early Meiji era.
Business people in beauty industry, they studied at France incorporate treatments and massage techniques.
In 1895, Japan’s first beauty salon is opened. It was taken from the American doctor expertise of massage, it is now to be known widely in the way referred to as “facial treatment”.

Is entered in the 1970s, around the time margin come out of the general Japanese people living, more and more women who yearn to Esthetic from the effects of such popular entertainers in the media.
In the 1980s, the overall esthetic salon is born throughout the country, they are grown as a service that is routinely available, it has until now.
The look at the history of esthetic thus,Beyond the era and border, women of feelings who want there beauty forever ‘s a universal things
I will see again and.

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