Lavender aroma's “Brain rejuvenation” effect!

Lavender aroma’s “Brain rejuvenation” effect!

We examined the influence of lavender hand massage on the health of the brain for women raising children while working. As a result, the quality of brain nerve fibers was improved, suggesting the possibility of brain rejuvenation effect.

In the “BHQ Challenge” of Innovative R & D Promotion Program (ImPACT) led by the Cabinet Office’s General Science and Technology and Innovation Conference (CSTI) “Realization of a Vibrant Life through Visualization and Control of Brain Information”, the results are presented as “Lavender Hand massage “research plan was selected and carried out research.

● Demonstration trial result summary ●

【Experiment Outline】
Target audience: 30 women aged 26 to 46 who worked for 6 hours or more a day and have preschool children
METHOD: Lavender hand massage between husband and wife at least three times a week for one month
Measurement items: Brain health index BHQ * before and after implementation evaluated by MRI analysis
* BHQ … multilateral evaluation index by visualization of brain information. There are GM – BHQ (amount of cerebral neocortex) and FA – BHQ (nerve fiber quality).

【Experiment Results】
After implementation of lavender hand massage, the FA – BHQ value increased significantly.

source:Japan Aroma Environment Association(AEAJ)

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