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How to enjoy a Japanese hot spring. 5 rules and manners (Japanese ONSEN)

The blissful moment of soaking in hot water or enjoying the open-air scenery is familiar to Japanese people.It is also very popular with foreign tourists. However, there are manners to enter the hot spring. Do you know? “HOT SPRING 5 RULES FOR JAPANESE ONSEN” (5 rules of hot springs)日本人熟悉浸泡在热水中或欣赏露天风景的幸福时刻。在外国游客中也很受欢迎。但是,有进入温泉的方式。 你知道吗 北海道札幌市JR札幌日航酒店发布了“温泉日本温泉5条规则”(温泉5条规则)

About PET / CT inspection

PET inspection is a “positron emission tomography inspection”. This is a test method in which a medicine that emits positron into the body is injected from the vein of the arm and the state of the medicine gathering on the body part is photographed with a special camera. We perform CT examination with the same posture. PET and CT are usually taken from around the ear to the base of the foot. In PET / CT system, these two images are created almost simultaneously and are superposed to obtain an image with higher diagnostic value.

Daikakuji temple (famous place of Cherry blossom )

It is a temple boasting a history of 1200 years. Kobo Daishi Daigaku is known as the main mountain of the Shingon sect of the Daikakuji school who looks up to Kukai as a sect, and it is the temple of the Imperial Famous History that the emperor or the emperor served as a priest until the early Meiji era.

Hot springs in Japan [PICKS]

There are more than 3000 hot spring resorts in Japan. The number of the municipality is 1000 or more.The general election that began in 2016 was held in order to judge and select such a wide variety of attractive Japan’s hot springs from various viewpoints and to know the effect of hot springs and the charm of hot spring areas.