Yugawara Onsen, a hot spring that makes you happy

Yugawara Onsen, a hot spring that makes you happy

The hot springs to be healed body and mind. In Japan the one of famous Onsen , recommendations as ” women happy hot spring ” is Yugawara.
As has a long history and was sung in Manyoshu , The monument is , stands at the entrance of the hot springs ” Manyo park “.


「足柄の 土肥の河内に出づる湯の 世にもかよらに 子ろが言はなくに」

Song that sang a heartwarming and it was love to see the girls for the bathing.


This calligraphy by Japanese painter of masters , brush Seiho Takeuchi. He loved Yugawara , it was finished life in Yugawara and built a villa.
Others , Soseki Natsume , Ryunosuke Akutagawa , Junichiro Tanizaki , famous writers such as Yuzo Yamamoto stayed.

Also are also known as pregnancy of hot water for a long time , the Kamakura period , the Muromachi era ” hot water of KOGOME “, and the ” hot water of KOGOMI ” , a meaning of the child filled in the Edo era ” hot water of KOUME(child plum) ” It was called.
Soft and gentle to the skin , enjoy the hot water of the smooth spring water , rich efficacy also features.
Yugawara Onsen

Yugawara Onsen

◆◇【 features 】◇◆

Quality : sodium , NaCl , sulfate

Indications: Cuts , burns , skin diseases , atopy , acne, gastrointestinal disease , gynecological , etc.

Water temperature : 60 ℃

*”Manyoshu ”
The oldest anthology of waka poems in existence in Japan

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