8 Romantic church in Japan

8 Romantic church in Japan

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Be you would want to get married ! Full of romantic church in Japan.
Chinese media future network is July 26 2016, published an article ,” Want to get married when you see , most romantic church in the world was what in Japan”.
In the article , ” Speaking of Japan , first to recall the ancient incense drifts temples and shrines ,” but ” Japan is very good at absorbing and fusion of foreign culture country. In fact, the world -famous church there are a large number “.
Western architectural thought , of Japan unique beautiful church that consciousness has been incorporated in the ” Zen ” is “It should go to see a tourist , may also be considered that a wedding ,” said , a romantic church that exists in Japan we’ll send you updates with eight.
◇◆ 8 Romantic church ◆◇

“Wind of the church ” in Osaka
Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church ( Church of the Light ) in Ibaragi pref
“Water of church ” Hoshino resort TOMAMU in Hokkaido
” Ice of church ” Hoshino resort TOMAMU in Hokkaido
” Stone of church ” in Karuizawa
” Karuizawa kogen church ”
” Garden chapel ZONA ” in Yamanashi pref
” Eines villa di Nozze ” in Okinawa

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