World Heritage Byodoin temple  (famous place of Cherry blossom )

World Heritage Byodoin temple (famous place of Cherry blossom )

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In the first year of Tenki (1053), changed the father’s villa to a temple by Kanpaku Yorimichi Fujiwara.
We tell today the architecture of the late Heian period, 11th century, Buddha statue, paintings, gardens and so on.
It is a valuable architecture indeed as the almost exclusive property capable of surpassing the ornate Fujiwara period.
The mountain is called Asahi mountain. Since the 17th century, sects have become Tendai sect and Jodo sect, and now it is a monolithic Buddhist temple not belonging to a specific denomination

Uji City has Byodoin and Uji Shrine and two World Heritage sites, also known as specialty items such as Uji tea, famous Matcha shops line up.

◇ Planting cherry blossoms on both sides of the Uji River (Sakura Project) ◇

The cherry blossom view seen in Uji City is the cherry blossoms upstream of Uji Bridge along the Uji River.
The landscape including the Byodo-in and Ujisami Shrine registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tea garden in the city, the cityscape, and the Uji River upstream from Uji Bridge.It became the first urban area in February 2009 for the first time in the country. It was designated as a cultural landscape.
A lot of tourists visit not only from Kyoto citizens but also from Japan and abroad.
From Heisei 25 to Heisei 26, we planted cherry trees on both sides of the Uji River upstream of Uji Bridge.