Endermologie , treatment machine for cellulite

Endermologie , treatment machine for cellulite

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The word often have heard if those who love beauty , ” cellulite “.
What is cellulite ? , today we will introduce you about cellulite.

” I want to clean skinny ! ”
” Thighs and calves , hips , and upper arms , we want to tighten firmly the fat ! ”
” I want to pull up the slack of the body.”

It is not out quite the results only exercise and diet. If you want to eliminate ” cellulite ” , we can recommend famous treatment Endermologie.
The Endermologie is a one of popular machine as slimming and intensively guide the size down of cellulite and fat.
It is not only tighten the body , well also circulation of lymph flow and blood , we reccomend to you Endermologie which is also effective in swelling and poor circulation.

◆◇ What’s cellulite ? ◇◆

If you represent the cellulite in a word , it is ” a mass of fat cells hypertrophy by waste generated in the metabolic exchange “.
Cellulite will interfere with circulation , such as capillaries and lymphatic vessels , reduce the function of the subcutaneous tissue , it causes a vicious cycle that eventually leads to a deterioration of the blood vessels in trouble and metabolism.
Regardless of age and weight ,our cellulite is likely to occur , it will not be easily resolved and it can have cellulite.
The diet and also exercise to eliminate , and cellulite can be , It will continue to progress as much as over time.

How will the ” cellulite ” is going to produce it?

◆◇ Generation process of cellulite ◇◆

Nutrients are carried as cells capillaries in the body. The waste is discharged from the cell , it will be recovered through capillaries and lymphatic vessels. This is the metabolic exchange.
It is a metabolic exchange that would if normal originally , but is affected by aging and female hormones ( estrogen ) specific action.
Estrogen has a function of storing the water in the subcutaneous fat layer.
Secretion of estrogen is high time this action ( a few days from menstruation late ) of subcutaneous fat bulges , it will be in the state called ” edema “.
These as a starting point , cellulite goes by and the mass will become hard , you can compress the capillaries and lymphatic vessels passing through in collagen bundles and their running the subcutaneous fat in the vertical.
When the generation of cellulite progresses , it exacerbates the efficiency of the metabolic exchange by the cells and capillaries and lymphatic vessels.

◆◇ Endermologie, it will improve the cellulite ◇◆

Glucose , blood pressure , subcutaneous tissue in the blood , and by receiving the motion by pulling the rollers by the suction of Endermologie , motility fat lobules increases , to restore the microcirculation , and to resume activity of circulating replacement.
By superimposing the treatment of Endermologie , the waste function of circulation and lymphatic vessels of the vein will be restored. It improves the state of adipose tissue and improves the metabolic exchange.
Since the applied stretch effect on the skin , secretions of the essential collagen and elastin is increased to keep the tension of the skin.

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