Classification of ONSEN (Hot spring)

Classification of ONSEN (Hot spring)

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Speaking of things that comes to mind as a seasonal tradition of summer Japan ,there are the fireworks , Onsen(hot springs)and yukata.


Onsen(Hot Springs) , there is work to enhance the natural healing power that people are originally provided originally.Among them, the ” normalization action ” is representative and , this thing of ” acts to try to tend to bring said secretion of the hormone to the normal value .”Clone creatures ( human even ) at birth has become possible modern , that to create a hot spring is said to be impossible.
So I think and very valuable hot spring , made the hot springs what way , you will of us have been springs Become a hot water to enjoy.

◇◆ ●classification of ONSEN ◆◇

Onsen(Hot Springs) is divided into two major types of following.

1.Volcanic hot spring
Some of the rain and snow becomes ground water , the ground of 50,000 times of under high pressure , which was warmed by the heat of the puddle of volcanic magma .

2.Non- volcanic hot springs

(1)Deep groundwater type
The more depth of the underground becomes deeper , and the underground temperature increase rate of soil temperature rises , that underground water warmed by geothermal due to the high temperature of the rock magma was cold.

(2)Fossil groundwater type
Those old seawater trapped in such ancient land price fluctuations. You can warmed by the volcano and hot dry rock band , it becomes a hot spring in that it contains a large amount of salt water.