Daikakuji temple (famous place of Cherry blossom )

Daikakuji temple (famous place of Cherry blossom )

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◇◆ The shrines and temples that edge to the imperial family ◆◇

In the 5 shrines and temples with regard to the imperial family , travel plan to taste slowly cherry on a tour participants limited , such as outside the normal admission time early in the morning or at night.

○March 26 ( Sat) – April 17, 23 days ( sun )
※5 is one place plan that you choose from the shrines and temples

Peace initial , Emperor Saga is built the palace , a new chamber of the Royal Wedding of the Danrin Empress , this is the predecessor – Rikyu Saga Institute Daikakuji.

It is a temple boasting a history of 1200 years. Kobo Daishi Daigaku is known as the main mountain of the Shingon sect of the Daikakuji school who looks up to Kukai as a sect, and it is the temple of the Imperial Famous History that the emperor or the emperor served as a priest until the early Meiji era.