It’s a special place where one can discover Japanese beauty life style in Paris, France

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Among there has been a growing interest in Japan from the world, to the “real Japan” a new concept of the specialty store to convey to overseas, “The Japan Store ISETAN MITSUKOSHI Paris” is here, in Paris Japanese culture hall.
In Paris the Japanese boom was on fire from the Japanese and pop culture, inspired by life rooted in Japan’s own sense of beauty, more fun and the day-to-day overseas of everyone, we will propose a life style to be more spiritually rich.

◆◇【Store concept】 ◇◆ 

Living in the “WA” of Japan, we will tell culture, the style through its products.
Japanese aesthetic, skill, depending on the product and its story issued birth from sticking to deepen their interest in Japan, along with a new color to daily life.
While in conjunction with the exhibition and the Paris of the events of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, the store also expand its own events, the essence of Japanese culture, freshness, fun, and suggests the diversity.

【 Store design 】
Architect Tane Tsuyoshi design by Mr. living in Paris.
Japan’s is inspired from the horizon, horizontal and equilibrium, peace, harmony and unknown “Horizontality (horizontal)” environment that was based on, to represent the fertility and diversity, four seasons, traditions and form or grace.

【 Product 】
And pop-up of the zone to introduce to periodically change their theme, there is a permanent zone to propose a high-quality life style of Japan.
※ each event all free

◆◇ Permanent zone ◇◆

<Product >
● Horiguchi Kiriko sake “wings”: the third generation, Horiguchi Edo by Mr. Toru faceted. By each other sincerely opposite and glass, has created a new Edo Kiriko nestling in life is simple.
● Suzukake green tea water jelly: Founded about 90 years of Hakata sweets shop. Elaborate plenty of kneading the powdered green tea of Fukuoka Yame production in Hokkaido white red bean water jelly.
● Y. & SONS firefighter Court: 1917 establishment of the long-established “Yamato” produce. Proposed a free coordination that incorporates the idea of couture is not caught only in history.

◆◇ Opening Event “CHABAKO” Exihibition ◇◆
Date: October1(sat)~29(sat)
By Jack the three floors of the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris will host the opening event of as long as one day.
“Tea ceremony” is one of the traditional hospitality of Japan, is the spirit in the act of behave the tea has been lodged.
Certainly a national treasure tea house that reportedly Sen no Rikyu work in Kyoto Oyamazaki “Myokian taian”.
The old materials, reborn as a tea box by Kyoto Takano craftsman of Bamboo, Japanese creators have nestled tools.

<Grand Floor> Flower art Exhibition
Is one of the seven things type of tea ceremony to “around flower” motif, interactive art that customers himself to participate in the flower arrangement

<B3F Hall > 0 POINT FIELD Tea ceremony house
Spirit of Japan has lodged regarded as a “tea house” communication, exhibition the tea ceremony experience works that re-built as a work of art.
To visualize the relationship of the main and the customer as an interactive art, felt space the spirit of hospitality of the tea ceremony in the five senses. You can experience a tea ceremony to taste in a fantastic space.

<5F > 4 Omotenashi
The “tea” to the theme, various events of the one-day first day. Special hospitality by specialists of Japanese and French food.

1. Reception Hall:
Japanese tea shop to set up a food specialist and head office in Kyoto is active in France, “Kazuyasudo tea store” will do a talk session while exchanging the tasting and tasting to enjoy, the charm of Japanese tea. (※ free, each time capacity 50 persons)
・ Kazuyasudo tea store × Sadaharu Aoki
・ Kazuyasudo tea store × Jean-Paul Evan / Christine Feruberu

2. Kitchen space: wagashi asobi × sky Colors workshop (※ free, held twice, each time capacity 15 persons)
Suggestions as sweets of a new sense of using a French food young sweets craftsmen traditional sweets to be active in Japan. You can taste the sweets made on the spot.

3. Tea House: (※ free, held twice, 15 persons capacity each time)
In the tea party by 1755, he founded a long-established Japanese confectionery shop of “Tawaraya Yoshitomi”, new work that was developed as Japan Version Part de Fruits as “agar sugar” you can enjoy a cup of tea.

4. Terrace: Suzukake-Ippodo tea store Dorayaki cafe (※ Free)
On the terrace with the Seine river can overlook, such as “7 kinds of spices containing Dorayaki fabric + Dates containing butter + bean paste”, you can enjoy along with the original Dorayaki and during the Suzukake-Ippodo tea store. It is standing cafe as long as the open day.

About 【Japan Cultural Institute in Paris 】
Based on 1997 annual Museum of Franco-Japanese public-private project. Japan Foundation is an independent administrative agency performs the operation and management, traditional culture, modern culture, Japanese education, and art, the activities to introduce from various angles the Japanese culture up to the science to many people of the local.

【STORE information】
The Japan Store ISETAN MITSUOSHI Paris
Stores area: about 90m2
Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12: 00 ~ 20: 00 pm ※ equivalent facility
Address :101 bis, quai Branly -75015 Paris , France