History of Sauna

History of Sauna

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Would you like entering the sauna ?They say the sauna is good for fatigue.

◆◇ Birthplace of the sauna , Finland ◇◆

” Sauna ” was originated in 1500 years ago in Finland.
Prototype of ” sauna ” , ” smoke sauna (Savsauna) ” was originally used, for example in order to dry and meat of hemp smoked.
Also referred to as a sauna bath , steam bath is of Finnish.

Smoke sauna , it will enter by filling the smoke in the room instead of hot air.
Temperature is low , warm with firewood.

One in three people in Finland is said to have a sauna .
Finns are not in the habit of taking a bath , a long time ago , but is so was also residence of the bathtub , it is so not apparent now.
Sauna is a place for family reunion in Finland , is a place to relax , also it has become also a watering hole.

◆◇ Sauna of Japan ◇◆

The sauna is Japan hot spring , hotel , inn , Health Spa , fitness club , sports club ,
Part of the esthetic salon and spa , have been installed in a day spa , it is familiar.

By the way , as history will be kind of a wet sauna , such as steamed hot water using the traditional Japanese kiln bath , hot spring of steam.
Sauna in Finland

Sauna in Finland

◆◇ Unique how to enter the sauna of Finland ◇◆

In Finland , soak the Vasuta in water , it is unique in how to enter that hit the whole body in a sauna.
Out the oil from the white birch , me to clean the body , likely he us to improve the metabolism.
The smell of the forest also enjoy together.

Finns Strike put the very force to much become all red.

◆◇ How to enter the Finnish sauna ◇◆

1. Shower
Take a shower. Lightly hair should be left wet.

2. Sauna
To enter the sauna.
Sauna of Finland has become a two to three -stage , lighting is located under the chair , not the ceiling , well comfortable with a thin light , it seems to be able to relax.
Sauna in Finland

Sauna in Finland

3.Cool down
Sauna stone called Stone ( in the igneous rock has become harder over the years been cooled by the glacier ” Kobana stone ” , it is a stone mined in Finland throughout. Be hot not deformed. )
To , over a period of several times the water in the ladle , you bathed in the steam.
Or because there is a pool when it was in the hotel , cool down in the pool.

4. Drink water

While you are entering the sauna , it also hydration is important.
By the way , they drinks the beer in Finland.
Likely was ” JAFFA ” is popular , such as the orange -flavored Fanta is for the children.

5. Wash Body
Finally , wash your body.
Snacks after the sauna

Snacks after the sauna

6. Snacks after the sauna

Between the sauna , keep in baked sausage (MAKKARA) on top of the sauna Stone.
After the sauna , and enjoy a beer and sausage.

The sauna , in the same way as the Japanese hot spring , there is a souvenir goods corner.
Especially recommended , honey for the sauna. Such as ” Saunatippa “. ( You can also use in the bath )
Towel for the sauna , there is also a pillow for the sauna.

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