Traditional Thai massage (Nuat phaen boran)

Traditional Thai massage (Nuat phaen boran)

Massage to make your body less fatigue by element of yoga

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If you get tired or your body cools down, the body tends to stiffen.
We will introduce about “Traditional Thai massage (Nuat phaen boran)” which is said to be the best in the world in one of the popular massage methods regardless of gender in Japan and overseas luxury spa.

◆◇【History of Traditional Thai massage】◇◆

The origin of Traditional Thai massage is influenced from “Ayurveda” in India. One way to treat Ayurveda is massage care.

About 2,500 years ago, it is said that Indian Javika Kumar Baccha who lived with Buddha was the traditional thai massage founder. He was the doctor of the Buddha’s doctor, he was active as the leading physician of Sangha (a group of Buddhist monks).
At that time, as medical medicine by Buddhist monks called “Buddhist medicine”, they were transferred along with Buddhism as a transfer, and they rescued and developed the people in Thai temples called “watt”.
In Wat, the teachings of Buddhism necessary for applying Thai massage were also explained. It is the heart of the concept of love “Buddhism, sadness, joy, discard” in Buddhism.

◆◇【Features of Traditional Thai massage】◇◆

The Thai ancient massage is characterized by the technology which the therapist and the customer who undergoes the operation unite as much as it is also called “yoga done by two people”.
It is said that both the massage side and the side to be massaged can approach the “beachlessness”. Massage that the practitioner is healed at the same time is also an attractive technology for the practitioner.

The parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant, and the side (massage side) (massage therapist) side (customer) is also close to “deep silence state”.
It is a big characteristic of Traditional Thai massage.

◆◇【3 Effects and features】◇◆

The procedure of Traditional Thai massage, in other words, “dynamic”!

It is done along the flow of the meridian while stimulating the acupuncture point, loosing the muscle firmly. It also includes remedies for correcting distorted skeletons and joints, and techniques for stretching the whole body.
By a technique that realizes working firmly on the part where the body’s muscles are tightened and the part where you are tired. Make your muscles flexible and guide you to get rid of fatigue from your body core.

Thus, the big element of the Traditional Thai massage technique is

・ “Stretch (Yoga done by two people)”
・ Shiatsu , Massage
・ “Orthodontics ・ Correction of skeleton”

It is three.

1.Increased muscle flexibility with stretching, thereby preventing aging

Peak at the growth period of teens, the muscles tend to be hard, and the range of motion of the joints becomes narrower. As a result, internal organs and motor function are also reduced, and aging becomes easy to advance.
Stagnant waste products in the hardened muscles cause pain, feel muscle weakness, fatigue, etc.
Traditional Thai massage, by releasing the muscle tightly, it discharges muscle accumulated waste matter. Muscle pain is removed, prompting young muscles to spread through nutrition by promoting new oxygen and blood circulation.

2.Relaxation, balance of autonomic nerve

The autonomic nervous system has two nerves, a sympathetic nerve and a parasympathetic nerve.
If the balance of autonomic nervousness collapses, blood pressure rise, heart rate increase, muscle stiffness, respiratory rate increase, internal organs function deterioration, immunity reduction, hormonal balance collapse, etc. are likely to occur.
By regaining the original balance of the autonomic nervous system with Traditional Thai massage, you relax the brain and lead you to a healthy state of mind and body.

3.Breathing method

In Thai ancient massage, a massage, a side to do a stretching side also breathes a long breath, centering on a breath that vomits.
Oxygen is adequately incorporated into the body and carbon dioxide is also excreted as well.
It is important to prevent “acidification” which is important in body’s anti-aging.

4.Ultimate purpose of Traditional Thai massage

Thai ancient massage has a procedure to symmetrically massage the left and right muscles and to correct the pelvis, hip joint, sacroiliac joint, lumbar spine, thoracic vertebra, etc.
By improving the balance of the joints and the balance between the front and the back and the left and right of the body, the compression of the nerve, blood vessel, lymph vessel is taken, it promotes the elimination of low back pain, neuralgia, joint pain, blood circulation disorder, swelling of internal organs .

The ultimate goal of Thai ancient massage is to make it a constitution that is hard to stiffen with elements of yoga.

Those who can receive for the first time may be worried about pain, but because the stretching is done after relaxing the body’s stiffness sufficiently by the proper treatment procedure, it should be comfortable stretching the whole body muscle.
Also, it is safe to request power therapy to the therapist in charge. Please do not hesitate to call on them even during the treatment.