Latest facial machine, ” VIVACE “

Latest facial machine, ” VIVACE “

We will introduce the latest facial machine "VIVACE".

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We will introduce the latest facial machine “VIVACE”.

◆【 What’s VIVACE? 】◆

VIVACE is still state-of-the-art micro- needle RF therapy equipment that has not been so much introduced in other beauty clinic.

Among the treatment for anti-aging and skin-beautifying
Popular machine that reliably effect can be obtained without using a scalpel or injection , yet ” the pain is less “.

Korean Cosmetic Surgery Society honorary chairman Rim John hack teacher of endorsement.

In the current Japan , it proceeds from a previous cosmetic surgery boom ,
Recently, They want to be clean at the tip electronics equipment without a Surgery ,
Anyone who has increased.

Improve the quality of cosmetic medical equipment to be developed from thorough effect pursuit also remarkable ,
Including the EU that connects the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA),
Western presence of Made in Korea also in each country is so is growing.

◆【 Features of VIVACE 】◆

1cm square of the instrument tip of the 36 pieces of special structure needle is installed (the shortest 0.5㎝ , adjustable to up to 3.5 cm ) ,
It was irradiated with high frequency from the LED at the same time as the needle tip.
Depth and output of irradiation depending on the condition of the patient , the type of LED, you can set a numerical value , such as a number of shots .

2~3 weeks and by receiving a single treatment 2-3 times , the effect will appear in 1-2 weeks。

Stab in the dermis layer of the skin with a fine needle , is the latest model to flow a high frequency from the needle.
Such as a conventional fractional laser , pain and downtime(a period of up to recover after treatment ) is not most.

< The check point here ! >

1. by stimulation of micro- needle ( needle) , brings a natural healing effect.

2. reliably drilled fine hole through the needle , let efficiently penetrate the active ingredient of beauty in the dermis of the skin.

3. directly irradiated with the RF energy to the dermal layer , it will prompt the activation of collagen and elastin.

< Recommended for your worries of this skin >

Wrinkles , sagging , open acne , pores , acne scars , stretch marks , skin and dullness

※ so will the skin anesthesia can be received almost painless ,
Because downtime almost no , you can feel free to receive the treatment.

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