History of the beauty of nails

History of the beauty of nails

◆◇ The history of the nail (the beginning of the nail) ◇◆

【What’s Manicure? 】
The thing of the generic term for nail care and “manicure”.
“Manicure” means “Manus (hand),” “cure (care)” in Latin.

◆◇【Birthplace and the history of the world of nail culture 】◇◆

◆◇ Ancient Egypt ◇◆
Birthplace of the nail, the ancient Egyptian era (3000 BC).

Toe of the mummy of this era, there was the decoration like now Nail.(There is also a theory that medicine to prevent corruption)
This decoration is also in modern times According if called “henna” in the analysis are used, such as hair color and body art,It was a dye made from plant flowers.And, as the class is high, close to the sink she wore a dark “red”.While showing the class by the color of the nails, and was enjoying the fashionable.
Processing of the cuticle (thing to adjust the cuticles) also was done.

◆◇ the Tang era in China ◇◆
Poppy of the Tang era, is even famously had dyed her nails.

Poppy of the Tang era

Then, in the Renaissance era in Europe there was a culture of coloring the nail using the colorant.
Both men and women in Europe of this age, habits polish the nails If you are generalized had become one of the manners.


◆◇【 History of nail culture in Japan】◇◆

Let’s back the history of the nail of in Japan.

【1】Asuka and Nara era

From ancient times in Japan, it had a strong obsession against “red”.

Asuka and Nara era, have “Benigara” is used in the makeup of the “red”,
Central and forehead, it was a makeup on both ends of the lips as a kind of decoration.
In the makeup of the flow, the fingertips and it had dyed red.
Not only red is add color, it came to be used from the figurative angle
From the Asuka and Nara era, makeup history, it was to be a breakthrough.

【2】Heian era

The Heian period, spread the culture of makeup to the lower classes by prostitute.
This is because the prostitute was the attire such as the court of Women’s, makeup was generally penetration.

At the time of the nail is dyed red to match fir leaves of nightshade and impatiens (jewelweed) “Tsumakurenai” had been carried out.
Reason referred to as “Tsumakurenai” as an alias of impatiens is, but from the fact that wore the color to the nail in this way flowers.

【3】Edo era

When it comes to the Edo period, staining technique using safflower has brought over from China, cultivation of safflower is now thriving.
It was also used for makeup.

That of your makeup that dye the red on the lips using the safflower, it was called the “lipstick”.
According to the literature of the Edo era, it is placed in a cup the petals of red impatiens, mix while crushing the petals by the addition of alum,
Go painted nails with a special needle made of bone.

Because of the dye, it is dry Tsumakurenai not fall even if washed with water, it enjoyed a long nail.

【4】Meiji era ~ modern time

In the Meiji era, we have developed as a manicure surgery is transmitted from France “Masoujyutsu(manicure)”.

It was able to polish, such as Modern, 1923.
Whopping and its original, it was invented in the United States, “lacquer for automotive paint.”
Quick-drying lacquer that became necessary when the car is mass production, had been applied to polish.

Then, the came in earnest in Japan that of the 1970s.
West Coast boom takes place in Japan, nail professional salon was introduced as one of the culture.
Thereafter, the nail of the technology is incorporated into the menu of beauty salon, it has become the basis for the current nail technology.

The 1970s, rapidly Nail culture has spread to the world.
Nail technology development to artificial nails, in the United States nail art is now a major boom.
Nail salon continue to open one after another, also born in companies that deal with nail only, we began to fix the general public.

This time of sculpture nail is close to the resin of the dental, and are made of a material that lacks the hardness is high flexibility, it was that easy to crack and create thin.
However, the method that will be made with a brush stacking method, is close to the current sculpture.

In the early 1980s, nail salon manicure lists and specialized that profession nail appearance.

1985 Japan Nailist Association establishment, is manicure list is referred to as a “Nailist”.

In the 1990s, it published the nail magazine one after another, nail movement will continue happening.
Not only nail art, the importance of nail care is also reviewed and go, our culture of the nail is continue to generally penetration in the blink of an eye.

There Japanese unique manual dexterity and aesthetic sense, and good design ,
There is no difference between the nail of culture has become to go element to the rock-solid.

Since 2000, such as gel nail boom spurred, Nailist(manicurist) went socially stable as a profession.

2006, Japan manicurist Association of NPO corporation.

Currently, many people have come to enjoy the culture of the “nail”.

In the current of USA, in the place where a nail salon reaches of the city, it is so menu of nail care center are substantial.
go to nail salon in a very casual feel when compared to Japan ,
Arrange beautiful nail in the nail salon, also well-established habit of.

In Japan, not only nail art, to attend regular nail salon for a nail care,
Beauty of up to fingertip will go become a women’s habit.

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