'Washoku' - Japanese treditional cuisine [ UNESCO World Heritage ]

‘Washoku’ – Japanese treditional cuisine [ UNESCO World Heritage ]

◆Background that has been registered as a World Heritage Site

Long from north to south , four seasons there is a diverse and rich natural to clear Japan , where was born food culture also , we have been nurtured to snuggle up to this.
The ” practice for this was based on the Japanese temperament of honor the nature, Food , titled ” Washoku Traditional food culture of the Japanese” , it has been registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

◆4 features of the Japanese

(1)Respect for diverse and fresh ingredients and its flavor
Land, of Japan is long from north to south , the sea , the mountains , because the rich natural village and facial expression has spread offers a wide variety of food is used that is rooted in the region in various locations. In addition , cooking technology and cooking utensils to take advantage of the taste of the material has been developed.

(2) Nutritional balance to support a healthy diet
Meal style of Japan , which is based one juice three vegetables is said to be an ideal nutritional balance. Moreover, to achieve a low diet of animal fats and oils by the use of “umami ,” the good , helping to Japanese longevity and obesity prevention.

(3) Transitory expression of the beauty of nature and seasonal
In the diet of the place , it is also one of the features that represent the transitory nature of beauty and the four seasons. decorate the dishes in the season of flowers and leaves , and can make use of the furniture and vessels that matches the season , enjoy a sense of the season.

(4) Close relationship with annual events such as the New Year
Food culture of Japan , has been nurtured closely related to the annual event. Carve-up the “food “, which is the nature of grace , by both the food of the time , we have to deepen the bonds of family and community

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

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