History of Japanese Sweets Day on June 16

History of Japanese Sweets Day on June 16

Kasyo day becomes “Japanese sweets day”.

◆Heian era (794-1192)◆

During the Heian period (848) about 1170 years ago, the epidemic prevailed in the country.
According to God’s announcement that Emperor Ninmyo”On 16th June” 16 “was given to confectionery and the like before the gods”, prayed for elimination of disease and health benefits.
Emperor Ninmyo refuted the era on June 16th of its first year (838) to “Kasho” which means “Happiness”.

◆Kamakura era (1185-1333)◆

In the Kamakura period, the Emperor of the time began offering sweets of the same value as the 16 currencies to the deity on June 16.

◆Muromachi era (1338-1573)◆

In the Muromachi era June 16th became “Kasho Day” and it was written in “The diary on the garden” that he was presenting celebratory confections to the Emperor.

◆Azuchi momoyama era (1568-1598)◆

Hideyoshi Toyotomi performed ‘Kasho’s celebration’.

◆Edo era (1603-1867)◆

On June 16 we gathered Daimyo and the bannerman in the Ballroom of Edo Castle, and confectionery was distributed from the general of time.
About 20,000 pieces of confectionery prepared at that time! The ceremony was called “Kaisho Chodai”.

Kasho’s celebrate spread widely even for the common people, and he was eating the confection that he bought in 16 mon (or the one rice in six rice).
In addition, on the evening of June 16, there was a custom called “Kasho nui” that kimonoed a 16 year old child to make a sleeve(furisode) as a stuffed sleeve(tsume sode).
Besides, we called Umeboshi made from plums harvested on June 16th “Kaisho no ume” and praying for a safe trip by eating on the day of departure.

◆Meiji era (1868-1912) ◆

The practice of “Kasho Day” that started in the Heian era continued until the Meiji era as an annual event that escapes calamity and invites health.

◆Showa era (1926-1989)◆

In 1979, in order to revive the “Kasho Day” once forgotten, the National Association of Japanese Confectioneries made June 16th “The Japanese Sweets Day”

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