Strawberry Uiro / Japanese Sweets recipe(1)

Strawberry Uiro / Japanese Sweets recipe(1)

Let’s make Japanese sweets !!

The thin pink color is beautiful, it is perfect for the Doll(peach) festival, it is “strawberry’s elephant” which can be easily made with the range.
Just during the Doll festival strawberries are in season, so please try making it with strawberries.
In addition to a rich texture, sweet and sour taste of strawberry pulp and stuffiness of strawberry seeds are delicious.

◆[Material](4 to 6 people)
Strawberry 150g
Flour 100g
Sugar 70g
Water 200cc

◆[Recipe](cooking time :10min)
1. Crush strawberries
Grind strawberries coarsely by hand.

2. Mix strawberries with sugar and flour
Put the strawberries, sugar and flour that you crushed into the bowl and mix well until the powderyness disappears.

3. Add water to the dough and mix
Add water to 2 dough and mix until smooth.

4. Place the fabric in a heat-resistant container
Pour the fabric into a heat resistant container corresponding to a range such as Tapper.

5. Heat at the range
Wrap softly with lap and warm it for 6 to 7 minutes in a 600 W range. OK when the whole is translucent.

6. Cool in refrigerator
Take the coarse heat and cool it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

7. Completion!
Take it out of the container and cut it in a size easy to eat and serve it on the dish.

※ Tips on how to make
The order in which materials are mixed is the point. Add strawberry, sugar and flour in a firm mix at the 2nd stage and add water.
If you put water in from the beginning, be careful as wheat flour becomes easy to become occasionally.

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