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Survival rates for cancer patients in Japan [data]

Survival rates for cancer patients in Japan are still at the top level worldwide.Japan has the world's top 5-year survival rate for lung and esophageal cancer (2018).An international comparative study of 5-year cancer survival in 71 countries and regions around the world. The results are published in the English medical journal Lancet.日本癌症患者的生存率仍处于世界顶级水平。日本是肺癌和食道癌的全球最高5年生存率(2018年)。对全球71个国家和地区的5年癌症生存率的国际比较研究。结果发表在英文医学杂志《柳叶刀》上。

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The appeal of Japanese medical tourism compared to overseas

In Japan, access to homogeneous and high-quality medical services based on the universal health insurance system, and the implementation of advanced maternal and child health symbolized by a maternal and child handbook, the lowest in Japan's infant mortality rate, average life expectancy Is the highest in the world. Japan's health care service system is highly regarded internationally.

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