What is Ayurveda? Diet,Detox,Relaxing and more

What is Ayurveda? Diet,Detox,Relaxing and more

I want to lose weight now!
I want a body line to slim !
I want to take my tired , I want to be healed ,
I want to detox the toxins and waste that has accumulated in the body.

We want to maintain a youthful body and skin beyond the age ,
Treatments fulfill such a demand , not limited to women , one of the popular therapy menu for men is the ” Ayurveda “.

◆◇ The History of Ayurveda ◇◆

The ” Ayurveda ” , the world’s oldest with a history of more than 5000 years , India , Sri Lanka lore specific medicine of the thing.

Also, not only medicine is said in modern Western medicine , it contains wisdom of life , life science , the concept of philosophy.
At present , as an alternative to Western medicine , it is used all over the world.

Treatments that can be received in Ayurveda Salon in Japan ( massage ) is part of the book.

Also named ” Ayurveda ” is a compound word of Sanskrit of ” Ayusu ( animation , life ) ” and ” Veda ( knowledge , academic ) “.

◆◇ The Philosophy of Ayurveda “Health and longevity”◇◆

The health and longevity of in Ayurveda , ” mind and body , behavior and harmony of the whole natural environment , including ” will have been considered important.
Therefore , instead of the treatment from getting sick , less likely to get sick to make the mind and body , to prevent the disease is based on the viewpoint of ” preventive medicine ” to maintain health.

In the salon to receive the Ayurveda , let’s ascertain whether cherish the ” heart” that govern the body guest is a priority that can be relaxation. It is an important point of choosing a salon.

What is the ” Doshas ” of Ayurveda ?

In Ayurveda , one of the words you often hear is the ” dosha “.

The ” dosha “, Toridosha ( meaning that three doshas ) According to the theory ,
People and goods ( mineral , plant , animal , human , natural environment ) is , ” Vuada ( air, wind ) ” , ” Pitta ( fire ) ,” ” Kapha ( water, land ) ” , There are three elements called.

And , the person there is a difference in the strength of the element by the individual ,
Because it appears as a difference in personality and constitution ( life energy ) ,
Diet tailored to its constitution ( life energy ) , it will say that there is a disease of treatment.

In addition , the doshas is also among the day , there is a cycle of change in the order of Kapha , Pitta ,Vata ,
Also there is a cycle of change between one year , we will continue to change even in the life of people.
In addition , it will change even in such as food and behavior.

◆◇ The Ayurveda in Japan ◇◆

Ayurveda , which are incorporated in Japan , Ayurveda , Aviyanga , there are several designations such as India Esthetic.
In formal Ayurveda , a wide variety of herbs on the basis of the theory oil containing ( herbal medicine ) ( more than 100 ) is used.
Many of India Esthetic and Ayurvedic salon in Japan , relaxation salon , a massage salon ,
we are doing the treatment in sesame oil and aromatherapy oil.

◆◇ Popular Ayurveda Treatment menu ◇◆

In Japan Ayurvedic salon , including the oil massage of the whole body of relaxation purposes ,
Shirodhara ( purification treatment of the brain towards the amount of chakra go hanging herb oil ) ,
Body treatment with a slimming effect ( slimming oil massage ) ,
Such as Detox ( emission of toxins , waste products ) are effective body treatments ( whole body oil massage ) is a popular therapy menu .

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