Diet trend expected to announce ![Tips]

Diet trend expected to announce ![Tips]

Diet method to arrange the intestinal environment.

【Method 】
One to two meals a day fermented food , incorporated into the diet. (such as Yogurt , Natto, etc)
It takes many ingredients of dietary fiber , moisture actively . Encourage the intestinal environment of good quality oil.

【POINT! as seen from a registered dietitian 】
If you’re the intestinal environment metabolism becomes active , it will be fresh nutrition sugar because ( vitamins and minerals) can be absorbed and the body fat to accumulate hard constitution.
Since the excess fat and sugar that has accumulated in the intestine can also be excreted , it can be expected to weight loss effect.

2. Vinegar ginger diet
How to plus ginger to the daily meals and cuisine.

【Vinegar ginger Recipe 】
The vinegar and ginger only marinate for one day at a ratio of 1: 1.
Vinegar , use the brewing vinegar [ grain vinegar , rice vinegar , black vinegar ]

【POINT! as seen from a registered dietitian 】
In vinegar ginger , and the improvement of the intestinal environment , there is a blood circulation -promoting effect.
Also dietary fiber becomes food for good bacteria , for us to improve the intestinal environment.
In addition , vinegar is because it is a fermented food fermented acetic acid bacteria , reduces visceral fat and body weight by taking 15 ~ 30ml every day , has been certified for lifestyle-related disease prevention effect.
For this reason , those on a diet , is even more perfect for the woman of your worries in poor circulation.

3. 12 hours diet
Diet to end the meal of the day within 12 hours

End a meal within 12 hours after waking up.
Point is , to protect the meal time , protect the proper calories.
In addition , dinner is to end before 20 o’clock , eat breakfast before 8 o’clock.

【POINT! as seen from a registered dietitian 】
It allows you to eat fat to accumulate difficult time.
Is less likely to be fat that eat , the result , you can expect a diet effect.

Source: COOK PAD Diet

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