Fastest slimming machine is HIFU

Fastest slimming machine is HIFU

More than 10 times the power of cavitation !
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” HIFU ” is an abbreviation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, it has been commonly called ” hyphen ” .
This slimming cosmetic machine to be irradiated to one point collecting ultrasound.

Briefly , it can be compared to experiments performed in science in elementary school.
Sunlight gathered by magnifying glass on a sunny day , burn the paper to concentrate the light at one point.
In much the same principle as that experiment , and to focus an ultrasonic wave to a point of body tissue.

●Features of HIFU treatment

Destroy only the fat without damaging the skin !
Because it does not perform the surgical procedure , it does not leave scratches and redness on the skin surface.
And we expect the effect of liposuction par.

At one point of the set depth ( subcutaneous 1 ~ 2cm) only , it can be focused spot to the energy.
Heat and energy to act on the skin surface is not almost.
” Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the deeply pin point to subcutaneous fat ,” It is a feature.

●Step of HIFU treatment

1. Irradiation
An ultrasonic wave to a depth of subcutaneous fat and focus accurately irradiated.

2. Destruction of fat cells
You can grid-like fat breakdown region in the fat layer by going to accurately irradiated with ultrasound.

3. Phagocytosis by macrophages
Destroyed fat cells are digested by macrophages , it will be ejected.

4. After irradiation , 2 to 3 weeks after
Destroyed fat cells are completely removed , subcutaneous fat is reduced

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