History of the Spa

History of the Spa

When Disclose the history of the spa dates back to BC.

◆◇ BC ◇◆
◆ Ancient Greek
In ancient Greek BC 5th century , to supply water from the water storage tank and pipeline had been used.

◆ Rome
In BC Rome , to heal , such as warriors of scratches and illness due to fight in the Roman Empire era , therapeutically effective hot spring bathing is rapidly increasing , the spa has been built in the country.
The BC ’25 , for the first time of the public baths ( Baths of Agrippa ) was built in Rome.
People enjoy the mineral water and milk bath , skin treatments , it has developed into these warm water bath after.
Baths at the time there is a very popular , it was provided throughout the Roman Empire.
Around the 3rd century – 4th century , even 1600 people can be accommodated Baths of Caracalla (Thermae Caracallae), Diocletian Baths (Thermae Diocletiani) that can accommodate 3,000 people, including a large- scale facility has been built.

Roman Empire Chapter 22 generations Roman baths emperor Caracalla was erecting in the vicinity of the southern end of the Roman city.
Structure length of 225m, width of 185m, the height is about 38.5m, was able to set up a 3,000 bathtub from 2,000 here and there.
Called ” frigidarium ” with cold room , called in this bathhouse called ” tepidarium ” greenhouse and heat chamber and the two called ” caldarium “, ” Palaestra ” , there was even a kind of gym that is referred to in the now.
Part of the mechanism also was the aqueduct that draws the water (thermae water plants ) .
The building had been heated by a system called ” hypocaust ” .
To the heated water , it is a system for burning coal in underground. This has been used until the 19th century .

Public baths that Roman Emperor Diocletian was built in 306 years.
In the largest and most luxurious baths in the Roman Empire , the Goths was continued to be used until it cut off the water supply to 537 years.
At the time, rather than just a bath , entertainment highly leisure facilities to be the prototype of the modern spa , exercise room , sauna , cold bath , hot bath room , pool , there are facilities such as massage , like this baths is said was a social occasion.
After the Roman Empire downfall also the rest of the spa tradition , and has been taken over by the current European society.

゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜

◆◇ Medieval Europe ◇◆

Healing power of hot springs will be backed medically when it comes to the 17th century.

◆ Spa / Belgium
” Spa ” which is located in Belgium in Liege province is said to have become both the etymology of the spa is , once famous as a European tourist city of the upper class , and was entertained to relax in hot springs and the casino.
18 century , developed as a luxury health resort of kings and princes , become a place that is recreation to stay for weeks , at night you can change the style , such as enjoy the opera or a concert at the casino and theater.
20 century , Spa we will continue to develop into a comprehensive facility of beauty and health.
Until spa medical purposes was a strong element “spa” also , day spa in the 20th century in the United States , Distination (objective type) spa , fitness spa , the birth of words such as medical spa , stress care , beauty care , yoga it is used as a facility name for beauty and health promotion , such as.
By the way , the famous spa of attractions in Belgium Spa in Europe , Germany Baden-Baden, is the United Kingdom of Bath.

◆ Baden-Baden / Germany
It is known as the hot spring resort of leading Europe , Baden -Baden , which is coming tourists from all over the world.
Bliss of hot spring , the most beautiful and the casino which is said in the world , and the topic of the museum.

◆ Bath /England
The resurrected Elizabeth I’s era as hot springs , especially 18th-century Georgian ( 1714-1830 : The King George I of Great Britain – George IV ) large Become a era called as a health resort of London of nobility and wealthy hierarchy it is re- developed to scale , many beautiful buildings by limestone that was produced from the neighboring land was built.
Now it remains is of little architectural since the 18th century , in the city center of the museum you can see the part of the Roman ruins.

◆◇ Asia ◇◆

◆ Thailand
Thailand Ritz Carlton
Thailand Oasis spa
Thailand mandarin Oriental

In recent years , we have there are many spa throughout Thailand.

◆ Japan
Currently in Japan , there are about hot springs is about 3000 that there is accommodation, is a hot spring powers.
There is a long history in the hot spring bath.

In modern times, for the world tourist destination , a spa has become a major component of the hotels and resorts.

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