INDIBA – A machine for leading to a beautiful body with a slender

INDIBA – A machine for leading to a beautiful body with a slender

For those who want to aim for a beautiful body with a slender, one of the recommended beauty menus is “Indiba”.

◆What’s “Indiba” ?

INDIBA is one of the popular menu with a slimming menu of aesthetic salon in Japan. It is a beauty machine that generates heat from “the inside of the body” and leads the slimming effect while.
“High frequency thermal equipment” developed by Mr. Jose Calvette of physicist physicist in Spain who invented electric scalpel.e
It can generate Joule heat with electromagnetic wave energy and warm your body from deep. Heat is generated from “inside” rather than “outside” of the body and warms up.
It is also possible to temporarily raise the body temperature to 3 to 5 ° C and to 7 ° C (part with low blood flow) depending on the site as the biggest feature of “indiba” treatment.
The generated Joule’s heat is absorbed by the blood vessel and transported, and it does not remain there by the transmission between the cells.

◆Is there side effect of “Indiba”?

The characteristic of Indiba uses “high frequency” to generate thermal effects. On the other hand, “low frequency” has electrical irritating stimulus action, and thermal action does not occur.
Considering the damage of the skin, it is said that Indiva (high frequency) is safer. Indiva has no worries such as.


◆Features of “Indiba’s treatment”

1. No pain

Treatments done in Indiba are carried out by sandwiching the body with the circular electrode of the photo and the electrode of the metal plate. A high-frequency current is passed between these two electrodes to generate heat in deep parts of the body.
There is no pain at all, it is as if I am receiving a warm massage by the therapist’s hand.

2. Warm from core

By warming not only from the surface of the body but also from the core, basal metabolism increases, activating cells and internal organs function, promoting the flow of blood and lymph. As a result, wasteful fat and waste products are discharged.

◆Benefits of “Indiba’s Treatment”

1. Elimination of cold

The main causes of symptoms such as constipation, stiff shoulder, menstrual pain, obesity, skin irritation, back pain, which are female enemies are “cold”. By receiving Indiba, it has the effect of dissolving cold, improving constitution, raising basal metabolism and immunity.

2. Slimming cellulite care

Also, treatment with Indiba makes it easier to relieve swelling and cellulite, but rather than indirectly reducing fat directly,
It leads to a state where fat is burned easily by indiba’s heat from the deep part of the body, making it fat.

3. Balance of autonomic nerves, stress relief

It is one of the major features that relieves the stress to balance the autonomic nerves.

◆ Can be expected Beauty effect


・Promotion of fat burning
・Cold , improvement of constipation
・Menstrual pain , obesity , Let there be skin , low back pain
・Neck , and the rest the shoulder , easing back pain
・Foot of fatigue , relaxation of edema
・Systemic Shape up , lift up , tightening
・Cellulite ( soft – hard ) measures
・Aging prevention
・Prevention Beauty
・Relaxation , eliminate stress


・Stains , wrinkles
・The dullness of the skin
・Anti- aging measures
・And small face – tightening , lift up
・Aging prevention
・Prevention Beauty
・Relaxation , eliminate stress

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