Relieve back pain & successfully Diet [Tips]

Relieve back pain & successfully Diet [Tips]

Recently , we listen sometimes to the worries of low back pain. Women not only , in many men , one in ten of the Japanese is low back pain.
Anxious by the ” obesity “, this low back pain , also easy to get sick , such as a hernia , I wrote a column you want to add a care on a regular basis as a ” low back pain ” and ” obesity , weight gain.”

◆Obesity , weight gain are deep relationship !!
The cause of the ” low back pain ” ◆

Roughly divided into 2 types of low back pain

1. Obesity , weight gain
2. Disease of the internal organs

Those of metabolic syndrome Pounds, a person who was fat suddenly , people of low back pain , multi- that obesity is a low back pain cause.

* Note 1 . A big burden to the hip when it comes to obesity ! !

Waist , as the meaning of the word “required of the body ” in Chinese characters , most take place load is in the operating of the body.
With the luggage , and the burden on the waist is hanging by simply standing or sitting. 2.5 times the load of the weight-bearing only such operation.
If your body weight but their 60kg Assuming 150kg stuff burden ! If 40kg, 100kg !! amazing.

* Note 2 . Low back pain will occur and the muscle is less

Weakening of muscle when it comes to obesity will be more pronounced. Did you know that?
Weight it takes all the waist , you accumulate fatigue in the lower back muscles.

In order to relieve back pain , first eating habits , such as momentum , there is a need to review from your lifestyle.
( Regularly massage to relieve the stiffness of the burden is also required. )

1. First, lose weight ( weight loss )

( 1 ) eat at the beginning from vegetables
Because you take enzymes that will function in the body is activated , raw vegetables is the best , I recommend.
1 cup ideal if each meal feeding is a much amount of vegetables ( 1 cup to the bowl ).
It also prevents overeating .

( 2 ) it is well bite , chew slowly.
It takes time to eat. Therefore , it can help reduce the total amount to eat.

( 3 ) Drink the soup before the main
Relieve hunger. So likely to lead to a feeling of fullness , let’s choose the one that warm than cold ones.

( 4 ) Choose a warm menu
It is easy to select a menu of cold food on a hot day , but warm things to the diet. Metabolism will help change the fat into energy rise.
Also easy to be fit strong appetite , can be obtained from those cold is also a sense of fullness.

( 5 ) reduce the sugar

Among all the nutrients , if refrain for diet , in moderation ” sugar “.
Carbohydrates , fruit , sweets , also to drink , be careful it does not contain a sweet thing , let’s reduce the amount you eat.

To reduce the amount you eat , there is a little easy trick.
It is possible to change to smaller ones vessel size of up to now.

In the nutrient , protein ( raw material of cells) , lipid ( energy of cells) , vitamins , minerals , will be affected , such as the luster of the original and the cells in the cell work and your skin , ill and no longer eat , also your skin makes it easier to aging. We recommend that you take reasonably well-balanced.

2 . Trying to exercise a habit !!

Movement in the habit , increase muscle mass , let’s improve the body to up the down and have metabolism .
Specific examples of the content and a guideline , a day for 20 minutes more than the aerobic exercise at a minimum .
Aerobic exercise , including walking , jogging , but such as aerobics and the like , so would quit and not be easy to continue on your own , we recommend that you start from those that can not force you .

I downed a size in the treatment of beauty(spa) , even if the diet at home , you fell hard is quite weight loss ,there are first time.
It is because your body is turned into fat easily constitution. To be more specific , or have reduced muscle mass , although there are individual differences , has become general metabolism has become low , energy and although ate , hardly changing the fat stored in the body for energy.
In order to change its constitution , it is to replace the metabolism goes up such a lifestyle , and do not eat too much eating habits.

It is a well- hear period , but first please try to do my best to guide the ” three months “. Clearing the first of the ” three months ” , go to the time the constitution begins to change while continuing to beauty and diet , it will be a time when easy to feel like the results size down visibly.
(※ there are individual differences )

All you have to rely on support role , please take advantage of all means of course also advice from a professional esthetician.
Diet – success ☆ image also important

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