3 World's first saunas in Finland

3 World’s first saunas in Finland

In Finland , the sauna of the birthplace , there is a sauna at a rate of 1 to the public 3 people. It is not only isolated house , composite housing and hotels , are also equipped to companies and public institutions , and the number is said to be more than 200 million units in the country ( population of about 530 million people ).
Sauna is a symbol of Finnish culture , a place to relax for the Finns , which is indispensable as the AC of the place. In recent years , love for the sauna of the Finns is increasing further , produced many of the world’s first sauna from the affection of its superabundance about , we call a big topic in the world.
This time , we will introduce 3 of the sauna especially in unique among them , not be the favorite sauna will want to go once.

< 3 saunas of the ” World’s first” in Finland  >

◇◆1.Burger King Sauna ◆◇
Open a sauna in 2015 to stores in Helsinki by requests from many citizens . This private sauna , are also available for business meetings and sporting events if the reservation.
There is a 48- inch TV , which can accommodate a sauna about 15 people. Media 55 inches TV and pre- station in the lounge 4 , shower room , locker room , laundry room and bathroom is fully equipped.
Guests can order a burger from the sauna room , it will bring to spa.

【 Fee 】€250~€300(3hours)Meals by expenses
Mannerheimintie 12
00100 Helsinki
E-mail: mannerheimintie12.burgerking@restel.fi
Telephone: +358 20 770 1800

◇◆2.The world’s first sauna Ferris wheel ” Sky sauna “◆◇

The world’s first sauna Ferris wheel , June scheduled to open in 2016 in the Helsinki city ” Sky Wheel “. ( Here by also strong demand of the citizens ) finally sauna dedicated gondola appeared.
If it is possible to enjoy the Helsinki landscape while to enter the sauna , it is being flooded with reservation.
From the highest point of arrival 130 feet you can enjoy a superb view spreads out the city’s night scene or a belt sea. Maximum indoor temperature is up to 90C.
For those not familiar with the heat will be equipped with the small window to capture the outside of the air , it is also safe for travelers. Ride age is more than 18 years old . While waiting for the sauna gondola , it offers a drink in the Jacuzzi or on the terrace.

【Fee】€240~(1Hour、 1~4people ) *Half overdue time of the regular amount of money

The world’s largest sauna
◇◆3.The world’s largest sauna @ Aalto University ◆◇

The world’s largest sauna. This huge sauna , which boasts 310 square meters in the Helsinki suburb of Espoo , pride in about 2 times to become the size of the Guinness world record for the world’s largest sauna that Germany had , students of the Aalto University of sauna birthplace until now with great , it is a masterpiece that was created on their own until the building from the design.
It was built in five days of standing in April 2016.Because here it was produced as a short-term project unfortunately , is scheduled to be demolished along with the completion of the project.
The Heat is on!

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