Strawberry Amazake [recipe] for anti-aging , beauty & wellness

Strawberry Amazake [recipe] for anti-aging , beauty & wellness

“I can enjoy delicious, it is me beautifully anti-aging can drink?”
Such it will spell you in for the “sweet sake”.


◇◆ ●The active ingredient of the “AMAZAKE (sweet sake)” ◆◇

1. Koji acid

Great anti-aging ingredient long called “drink drip” in the sweet sake, contains “kojic acid”.
Prevent oxidation of cells, has the effect of active oxygen removal, the effect is said to be more than vitamin C.

The “kojic acid” includes, but is has been often used as a raw material for beauty essence and cosmetics,
By suppressing excessive melanin production that causes the stain has the effect of preventing the stain dull.
It is also effective in rough skin.

2.Rich in vitamin B group

B vitamins, to efficiently convert what you eat as energy vitamin.
Promote the metabolism of lipids, there is a fat-burning effect.
And there is also work to protect the skin and mucous membranes.


Glucose will strongly support the fatigue recovery.
Physical fitness It is also recommended to fall nutrition of coral and lactation.

4.To choose what low-calorie sugar-free! < ※ point to choose>

There are two types of sweet sake, and those that are made from the “lees”, there are those that are made from “rice koji”.
Sweet sake made from the “dregs” in contains the alcohol, has been used a lot of sugar in order to put out the sweetness.
Sweet sake made from “rice bran” is alcohol, sugar is not used.

If it becomes a served for beauty and anti-aging, let’s choose the sweet sake made with “rice koji”!
You can easily find your sweet sake made from “rice koji”, 81kcal at 100g, I am happy at the low-calorie.

5.Full enzyme!

Since it has been included in the rich “enzyme” in sweet sake, it is perfect in familiar to higher interest in beauty in the fashionable “Fastenings”, “Petit fasting”.

<※Beauty POINT!>

Metabolic enzymes that can be made in the body, the digestive enzymes are limited.
By incorporating digestive enzymes from raw food, digestive enzymes produced in the body. And it will be able to produce more metabolic enzymes.
Metabolizing enzymes, hormones adjusted to promote the metabolism, because there is the effect of anti-aging to such as cell repair, to maintain youthful skin and body.

This enzyme is not sufficient effect is obtained and will be heated.
Therefore, if you expect the anti-aging effects, it is best to become a served live the sweet sake.

6.Detox effect

Dietary fiber, contain oligosaccharides, I decorated the intestinal environment.
Your skin and body line of the enemy, to facilitate discharge from within the body of waste, there is a detox effect.

◇◆ ●”Strawberry AMAZAKE” for your Anti-aging and Beauty 【Recipe☆】◆◇

Strawberry AMAZAKE

◇Material (2 servings)
Strawberry 12 pieces
Amazake (rice kouji)200ml
Yam 40g

1 strawberry takes the poor, yam is peeled, and cut into bite-sized pieces.
2 all of the material was placed in a mixer, Completion Once smooth!
※ yam whether weak person is rather less, it is ready delicious even without putting.

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